Abdurahman Fattah


Getting to know Abdurahman will be much more exciting by inviting him to sing. He is a cheerful man that appreciates fine art. His singing and guitar skills makes him easy to mingle with the crowd. This Beatlemania and Rolling Stones fan has participated in several festivals and admire Fajar’s (Managing Director) skills on the strings.

Abdurahman is an alumnus from State College of Accountancy (STAN), and earned his bachelor degree from University of Indonesia, majoring in Economics. Abdurahman has 17 years of experience working for Directorate General of Taxes (Indonesia Tax Authority) as a Tax Auditor. In 2005, he decided to resign from DGT and joined multinational company as a Tax Manager and after had experienced in several multinational companies he decided to join Taxprime as a partner. His experiences have led him to concentrate in Tax Compliance, Tax Reporting, and Tax Controversy with DGT at all administrative phase through Tax Audit, Tax Objection, and Appeal.