Daniel Payaw

Transfer Pricing Director

Daniel is a Transfer Pricing Director in TaxPrime. Daniel graduated from State College of Accounting majoring Tax and earned his bachelor of economic from University of Lampung.

Before joining Taxprime, Daniel worked for Directorate General of Tax for 18,5 Years as a tax auditor and an Objection Reviewer. Some of his achievements at DGT, Daniel was awarded predicate as the best of Objection Reviewer of Regional Tax Office of West Java Two in 2012. Daniel was also appointed as member of Reviewer Team of Transfer Pricing Cases at Regional Tax Office of Jakarta Special.

His achievements led him being selected for joining Objection and Appeal short course held by National Tax Agency (NTA) Japan, JICA at Tokyo and Saporo, and also being selected for joining Advance Transfer Pricing Course held by OECD (Organization on Economic Cooperation and Development) at Ankara Turkey in April 2012.
Daniel is known as a warm person with a wide knowledge of taxes. He also known as a person who like gym and martial art. He does both passion in taxes as well as hobbies seriously. He regulary update himself with updated regulation of taxes and also routine in doing his hobbies.

In 2014, Daniel decided to resign from DGT and joined PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk as Senior Tax Assistant Manager. In 2015 Daniel joined Taxprime and was assigned as Tax Manager. His expertise made him as a Director of Transfer Pricing at Taxprime. Transfer Pricing Division tremendous growth is also one of his contribution.