Mochamad Akbar Abadi


Two things that describe Akbar are; professional consultant and a golfer. Akbar was introduced to golf since he was young because his parents took him to accompany them golfing in the course. The owner of handicap 12 started to pursue golfing since 2002 while he worked in Bandung. Golfing, to Akbar, is not merely a stress relief, but also a lesson to train patience, concentration, and also honesty to his own self. A golf experience he will never forget is when he represented Indonesia at Turkish Airlines World Golf Cup Amateur Series 2015. In this tournament, located at Carya Golf Course, Antalya Turkey, Akbar made it through and win 11th place amongst all participants from across the globe.

Not any different from golf, Akbar pursue tax, the main part of his career. Akbar graduated from State Collage of Accountancy (STAN) and got his accountant tittle from the same institution. In 2005, He continued his study to earn master degree in Magister Management from Padjadjaran University. Akbar also holds certified accountant and registered consultant also license for tax court.

After making a decision to resign from DGT, Akbar joins Taxprime as Partner. His experience in DGT as Auditor on Tax Audit Joint Committee between Directorate General of Taxes and Directorate General of Customs & Excise, Section Chief of Audit and Section Chief of Monitoring & Consultation makes him qualified in taxation. Akbar focuses on Tax Audit, Tax Dispute Resolution matters, and Tax Investigation.