Saut Hotma Hasudungan S.


Saut graduated from State College of Accounting (STAN) and completed his bachelor degree from University of Persada Indonesia. In 2005, Saut earned his Master Degree from University of Indonesia.

Saut has worked for Directorate General of Taxes for 21 years. He started his career in 1996 as a tax auditor and he spent most of employment as an Account Representative and then promoted as Section Chief. Saut last position was Section Chief of Monitoring and Consultation at Setiabudi Dua Tax Office.

This book lover made up his mind to resign from DGT and joined Taxprime in 2017. Saut is known as someone who has an eye for detail. Therefore, Saut is involved in handling audit and compliance cases. When he feels like relaxing, Saut spends his time reading Chicken Soup books. Reading opens his horizon and freshen up his mind to go back and perform his analytics skills.