Senior Partner

Soewito got a bachelor degree from College of State Finance Science (STIKN), then completed his master degree in Finance and Management from Bhayangkara University. He is a fellow of Indonesia Tax Consultant Association, holds Brevet C Certified Tax Consultant; and Certified Tax Lawyer at Indonesian Tax Court.

For 35 years Soewito devoted himself to his country through Directorate General of Taxation (Direktorat Jenderal Pajak). He held various managerial positions, the last of which before retiring was the Head of the Tax Office. During his work in Directorate General of Taxation, Wito is known as a kind-hearted and intelligent employee.

After retiring from Directorate General of Taxation, Soewito, together with Fajar, founded Taxprime. The reason behind this, is so that his time and knowledge can still be useful for others. At Taxprime served as Senior Partner and is focused upon tax compliance, audit, and litigation. He has broad experience representing clients during tax objection and appeal involving a wide variety of domestic tax issues.

At home, Soewito spends his free time gardening. Gardening is Soewito’s passion. Plus, it reminds him of his childhood, where he and his parents were in the rice fields. Gardening has its own challenge and requires techniques to plant, nurture, and spray. A skill to adjust to the amount of land available is also a must, so the best results are acquired. Hence, the term “cold hands” in gardening. Not everyone can give the best results, because love and compassion are also needed.