International Tax Planning

International Tax Planning – The challenges currently faced by Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) are how they manage business that can compete within globalized economy and survive from global crisis, while at the same time they must focus on their compliance with increasing regulatory requirements. The business decisions such as where to locate subsidiaries, branches and business units, how to structure the supply chain, and how to finance global operations, can be very critical and have direct influences on global tax risk profile. This environment, if not managed well, can be burdensome to MNE.

To afford a international tax efficient structure, MNEs need to set up global tax strategies that fully aligned with corporate strategy.

Taxprime’ professionals have extensive experiences to help MNEs achieving their cross border goals. We can help you manage International Corporate Tax in the following areas :

  1. Restructuring tax efficient supply chains
    • Planning for a tax efficient holding company location
    • Planning for location or relocation of intangible assets, functions, and risks.
    • Planning for tax efficient supply chain networks such as where to locate limited distributor, limited manufacturer, contract service provider, and etc.
  2. Tax treaties advisory services
  3. Controlled foreign company tax planning
  4. Restructure a tax efficient cross border financing
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