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In the environment where regulatory requirements is increasing and more complex, many controversies, issues and grey area can be new difficult challenges for managing compliance with tax regulations. In the other hand, full understanding of recently issued regulations is crucial in the increasing regulatory requirement, unless you will be imposed to significant penalties and loss. Sometime in-house tax professionals have limited access, knowledge and time to understand such regulation.

At TaxPrime, our professionals have the first hand information concerning recently prepared and newly issued regulations that will significantly influence your tax position. Our professionals also perform controversies and grey areas mapping in tax regulations, and initiate discussion with tax authorities, association, and stakeholders in order to gather clear interpretation and introduce revision of such regulations. Finally the other way to resolve controversies and grey areas, our team will file material test to Court concerning such regulation.

As a result, we have full capabilities to discuss with you regarding all taxation matters domestic, international, and across business fields.  We will provide consultation not only for the controversies and grey areas in tax regulations, but also for your day-to-day compliance with tax regulations, tax auditing and tax appeals.


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