Tax Provision

Keeping update with the latest tax regulations consumes considerable time and resources, while in-house tax specialists have limited knowledge and time to adapt with the increasing regulatory and compliance requirements. Sometime they also have less experience in handling tax dispute resolution case.

Tax Provision – Working with TaxPrime that have knowledge, experience, and resources, makes your company comply with changing regulations, reduce workload, and mitigate risk. Our professionals possess deep understanding of tax regulations and controversies starting from self assessment level to dispute resolution level, and they have been in touch with various tax cases across business fields. Our professionals also have experience and capability in dealing with the international tax issues.

As a result, we will assist with broad range of Tax Provision Services, including outsourcing in preparation of Value Added Tax Return, Income Tax Return, Withholding Tax Return, and other tax compliance services. With our resources we will manage your tax compliance in timely and accurate manner.

We will provide services in :

  • Value-Added Tax

We will help you prepare Value-Added Tax Return (E-SPT Form 1111, E-SPT Form 1111 DM, E-SPT Form 1107 PUT) and file it to Tax Office monthly.

  • Income Tax

We will help you prepare Income Tax Return including its attachment (Individual Income Tax Return E-SPT Form 1770, 1770S, 1770SS and Corporate Income Tax Return E-SPT Form 1771 Dollar and 1771 Rupiah), and file it to Tax Office annually.

  • Withholding Tax

We will help you prepare Withholding Tax Return (Income Tax Article 21 and 26 Return E-SPT Form 1721, Income Tax Return Article 22 Return, Income Tax Article 23 and 26 Return, Final Income Tax Article 4.2 Return), and file it to Tax Office monthly and annually.

  • Additional Services

Addition Services are provided based on client’s demand.

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