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As growing business in a country which is based on self-assessment taxation system, all taxpayers obliged and allowed to make their own assessment of their business and report their taxable income. Therefore, to fulfill tax obligation, taxpayer must have a deep understanding of tax regulations to diagnose possible tax risk and perform their tax return. Penalties are often imposed due to regulatory incompetence and also risk mitigation failures.

To ease taxpayer’s burdens in fulfilling the tax obligations, TaxPrime provide services as Tax Compliance and Advisory. With an in-depth understanding of tax regulations, we will assist in diagnosing your taxes and analyzing possible risks. Furthermore, we will provide the required risk mitigation plan and strategy in performing tax obligations.

Our Excellence Services

  1. Monthly Tax Compliance. With our deep understanding of tax regulation, we will assist The Company in providing services for monthly tax compliance obligation.
  2. Tax Diagnostic Review. TaxPrime professionals will assess your tax structure to mitigate risks occurred that may besuspected by tax authority. We will also give suggestions and recommendations of risk mitigation strategy both for short and long term.
  3. Corporate Income Tax Return Arrangement. We assist The Company in providing services for corporate income tax return preparation and report.
  4. Tax Advisory. TaxPrime professionals will provide advisory and consultation in relation to tax law and regulation, tax planning which includes framework of corporate business restructuring, tax review, and tax due diligence. We have full capability to discuss with you regarding all taxation matters either domestic, international, and across business fields. We will provide both advisory in relation to tax grey area topics and also for your day-to-day tax compliances.
  5. Tax Refund Plus. We will assist you to diagnose your tax position whether any risk of penalties may arise due to tax overpayment position. Plus, we will suggest risk mitigation plan strategies that will introduce necessary action to fix the problem, and finally will assist in multiple tax assistance during audit process. We are not only reconcile your calculations but also reviewing them and ensure your tax risk is minimal.