Taxprime Highlights

As our focus and professional background is Transfer Pricing, Taxprime committed to deliver premium services which are handled with unique method and out of the box solution. International Tax and Transfer Pricing Division has made a tremendous progress since this division establish 5 years ago.

At the year-end 2018 our employee’s growth was 76% and the number of clients growing up 146% respectively. With rapidly growing and the intention of Directorate General of Taxes to assess the clients transfer pricing policy, we are currently developing new directorate named Directorate TP 3 with approximately 60 staff will filling out the position. Simultaneously, the New Compliance Centre will be setting -up and we need around 120 persons to fill in this position.

Our great development in Transfer Pricing Directorate is a result of our deep understanding of Client business and increasing the transfer pricing case. We have a unique approach with a comprehensive preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation and this approach could be distinguished from the others, therefore we can use the accurate steps and method to analyze the pricing.

The expansion of Tax Object and emerging of Tax Payer awareness to the financial risk such as the underpayment or the overpayment of tax and need to be refunded, in some case to mitigate these risks the tax prayer needs the help of tax consultant. Taxprime is here, we sure that our deep understanding and our professional background could make Tax Payer feel secure to comply with tax regulations without fear to face the tax risks. Besides Tax Advisory, Tax Monthly and Tax Return, our Compliance Center also provide Tax Refund Plus. We have 99% percent assurance that our efforts to request Tax Refund will be granted by DGT. This what we call “plus”.

Last progress that proudly we share is that our Audit Division will provide 50 Tax Attorneys to help any companies engaged with us at the Tax Court. Our people always be ready to overcome any tax problems to make your company more secure from tax risks. Our professional background will shows our performance.